Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun at a Rainy Car Show Weekend

June 4th & 5th was the Goodguys Summer Get-Together, but I think the “Summer” part was left out. Cold, wet, rainy are usually not words I would describe this event as.

Unfortunate weather aside, a good group of pinstripers from the area showed up for the Brush Bash and a good   great time was had by all. Well, I had a great time, and I hope my fellow Bashers did too. Had a little bit of fun with Instagram. If you have an iPhone, you MUST get the Instagram app. It is one of the best for sharing your iPhone images!

On to the pics:

The guys

I don't know how I didn't get any pics of Sam or Trish… there were 3 gals (myself included) slinging paint with the guys. Ah, me, better focus with the camera next time!

Pinstriping Lunatic (Rich Luna)

I did some messing around with small scale on a barrette

Rich Luna and I had to maintain our tradition of Just 1-Shot (of Jack).

Day 2 and a full house in the Brush Bash area (I don't know why Ron always scowls at me when I point the picture at him. Then again, my husband does the same thing)

Decided to start playing with some pictorial work. It would be safe to say that I have a small obsession with skulls.

Did a little wandering around. Leave it to me to buy beads at a Car Show! (But there's SKULLS!!)

After wandering around a bit, came back to the Bash area to do some painting on a bicycle. Would you believe she wanted a...SKULL??? A HeartSkull no less! Her husband had Sam paint one of her famous Bogie Babes on his bicycle. Since it was rather late in the day, we both have some finishing to do on these bikes next time around.

I also met this really cool artist by the name of Glen Sievert. He expresses his creativity by carving wonderful sculptures out of tree trunks with a chainsaw. Yes, you read that right… a CHAINSAW! 

I am in love with this dragon.

Dragon stands over 6 ft tall. Gorgeous!

A 1957 Chevy carved with a chainsaw! I love it! Love the knot on the door.

Cute bear cubs, carved from a tree trunk.

Check out Glen’s web site. He will even come to your house and convert a tree stump into your very own sculpture. I don't have any trees I want cut down, but if I did, I'd have to have a dragon! Holding a skull! haha!

Great times, great people. I'm looking forward to the next one in August! West Coast Nationals… it's going to be HUGE!