Sunday, March 14, 2010

Twisted, Coiled, Wrapped & Linked

This necklace went through a couple revisions, and several months on the back burner before I finally completed it.

A look back to “A Trio of Coiled and Beaded Earrings”  shows some coiled components using seed beads and wire. These were originally created as links for this necklace, but they did not work. At all.

A lot of influence for this piece came from things I learned in the classes given by Lisa Niven Kelly many years ago, and Sharilyn Miller’s book “Bead on a Wire”.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hammered Hearts Take 2

After seeing a copper cuff somebody created out of thick gauge wire, it reminded me of some of the methods I played with in blacksmithing. I incorporated those into the design of the original Hammered Hearts. Gives the points at the bottom and separating the globes at the top a little more definition.

Gave the points on the 2nd one a little bit of a curl to see how it would look.

Whether they are better than the original versions or not is up to the individual. I have things I like about both.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bohemian "Wrap"sody

Last month I posted this copper coiled wire bangle and I've had a little more fun with it.
I decided that this was a little too plain for my liking, so I added jump rings to the end of the hook/clasp attaching it to the bangle, and a counterweight dangle. The bead on the dangle is one that I made a few years ago when I took a weekend class on lampworking. Tossed it in the tumbler for a bit longer, and this is how it looks now:
Decided to start exploring variations on the theme:

The beads are vintage, no idea of the era. Found them at this funky antique store many years ago. The bead in the center was on a necklace, the yellow beads at the bottom are a vintage strand that was strung on rawhide. I love how rough and organic they look, even the tiny bubbles in the glass. Named it "Bohemian 'Wrap'sody" as a tribute to the Bohemian movement, and that wonderful song by Queen.

More in progress, one in sterling, another in copper with carnelian. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1st Class Project: Copper Pin

The first project my jewelry instructor gave the class was to create a pin/name tag using methods of cutting, hammering, texturing a piece of copper sheet.

Those of you that know my pinstriping style won't be surprised to find a wing in this design.


Before I cut it out,  I put the copper through the rolling mill with a feather on top of it. After cutting it out, did some more texturing using a chasing hammer, stamps, etc. A lot of fun and a lot of potential for future projects.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A trio of coiled & beaded earrings

These started out as components for a necklace I was working on, but they did not work out in that piece.

The top pair of earrings has copper earring  clasps purchased from my local favorite bead store Just Bead It and the bottom two pair are sporting ear hooks I created.

Working on ways to incorporate seed beads into my work since going back to seed bead weaving is something low on the priority of things to do. Very, very low.