Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jewelry Photo Blitz

Most of the time I end up putting off photographing the pieces of jewelry I am working on until I have a larger quantity to photograph, then shoot them all in one big blitz. Here is the latest batch of pieces I was working on following a number of tutorials I had purchased to learn new techniques:

First we have a couple pendants made using the techniques in Donna Spadafore’s “Caged Bird’s Song” tutorial.

I really learn a lot about wire weaving from Donna’s tutorials. Here is a piece using her “Woven Wire Cage” tutorial.

And one from the “Odyssey” tute.

Abby Hook’s “Love Pendants” tutorial provided the technique for this Celtic knot pendant. I had attempted the other one in the tutorial, but it ended up residing in my “fail bucket”. It happens.

Had a lot of fun creating this bracelet using Donna Esposito’s “Etruscan Scale Bracelet” tutorial. The blue quartz beads really glow against the copper. Great dye job on those beads!

A large stone bead wrapped playing with the techniques in Danagonia’s “Nugget Bead Framing” tutorial.

Nancy Wickman, aka “Wickwire” share a lovely tutorial for a Woven Pendant on her blog. This is my result.

Last, but by no means least, a pair of earrings I designed and created to complement a bracelet I posted a while back.

The Fall Semester just started up this week, and I am taking the jewelry fabrication class again. I am very excited about what I will be learning in this class. I plan on doing a lot more bezel setting, some enameling, and hoping to start doing more metal shaping too.

In other news, I just started doing some part time production work for another jewelry artist. I am very excited about this because I get to work with a jewelry designer whose work I have been a fan of for a while, and gives me an opportunity to learn more about production work on multiple pieces.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Little T & A (aka Sometimes I Stripe on Cars)

So far in the past couple months I've had the opportunity to pinstripe a couple fantastic cars.

First we have this really cool 1923 Model T:

Painting down low... its a challenge!

So is painting in awkward places.

The finished product. Striping subtle, but enhancing to the hot rod.

Then we move on to an absolutely gorgeous 1929 Model A:

Cue the “We're not WORTHY” moment from “Wayne’s World”, because that is how I felt.

Then I had to open my big mouth about body lines. Marcus says, “Oh, what a great idea! Go for it!” *Gulp!*

Nice long back piece.

All cleaned up and some outdoor shots:

Special thanks to Marcus Edell for the photos, and for challenging me with these beauties!