Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Armor Ring in Copper

I love armor rings. The articulation, the hint of it being a part of weaponry, the “Heavy Metal” aspect to them… so when Julie Mauerer posted this tutorial for an armor ring, I HAD to do it! A great challenge in metalsmithing, soldering, and cold connections (riveting). I am excited for the semester to start back up so I can make a few more of these with different decoration.

 Thankfully my fingernails did not have the “pinstriper’s manicure” when I took this photo. The ring fits comfortably, but it is a little too heavy to wear for painting. It throws my hand’s balance off.

I wanted the ring to have a distressed and battered look to it, achieved by scuffing with a series of files (I attacked it!) and antiquing. The burnished look resulted from tumbling with steel shot.