Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pig Update: Wings and Finished!

I spent much of Monday working on getting the wings finished. I think they took me longer to complete than the entire pinstriping process.

I changed the way I was going to do the wings to a more robust design, inspired by a tutorial I found on Jewelry Lessons for a Heraldic Dragon by Morganause. Her work is amazing! It was tricky to attach the wings, but they are pretty solidly on there.

 Right Wing
Left Wing

From the back

So I had to take my pig back to ArtCentric today so he can spend some time in the window of the shop with all the other painted piggies. He got to spend part of the day at work with me today before I brought him over. I miss him already!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Pig Update: Pinstriping Finished!

I may go back and do a little touch up tomorrow if I feel it needs it, but the pinstriping is finished on the pig.

Some black outlining around the eye, pupil and highlight really gave it better shape.

 Striping from the top.
Striping from the back.

Wing construction tomorrow, and we are done!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pig Update: More Striping

Staying in the blue family on the stripes, at least for now. This is the same blue on the eyelid, and works rather well.

Pig Update: New Years Art Dork

I don't relish the idea of going out on New Years anymore. Mainly because I'd rather be able to enjoy the alcoholic beverage of choice in the comfort of my own home, and not have to worry about the drunken idiots on the road. That and I don't want to be one of those drunken idiots on the road.

So I stayed home, had sushi for dinner, imbibed in a good amount of Old No. 7, and painted on my pig.

 First I roughed in the facial details. Green eyes, then mixed maroon with black to give the lips & tongue a dark red base.
 Then I got pretty ambitious with the first layer of striping. Needed to outline the leafing I applied earlier tonight, then just went a little crazy. What is cool is in regular light the striping doesn't stand out too much. It's going to be fun to add the next color. Probably peacock blue. I think I'll stick with blues.
 Another view of the first layer of striping. I really like the leafing SO MUCH BETTER than the glazing.
 Added pure maroon to lips and tongue to give it more detail. Probably go another step later.
One of my friends had to go and dredge up the memory of her neon Buddha statue, so I decided to go ahead and put the detail in the iris just to help make that insane memory go away.

Still a bit to do, but it is getting there! I have the wings designed, but need to construct them (when not enjoying Old No. 7). Wire work is a little trickier for me than painting sometimes.

I'm kinda sad this pig will be going away on Tuesday. I may end up bidding on it in May when Dragon Pig and his 'siblings' go up for auction for the Benicia Education Foundation.

Happy New Year, everybody! May 2012 bring health, abundance and creativity to all of you!