Friday, March 5, 2010

Bohemian "Wrap"sody

Last month I posted this copper coiled wire bangle and I've had a little more fun with it.
I decided that this was a little too plain for my liking, so I added jump rings to the end of the hook/clasp attaching it to the bangle, and a counterweight dangle. The bead on the dangle is one that I made a few years ago when I took a weekend class on lampworking. Tossed it in the tumbler for a bit longer, and this is how it looks now:
Decided to start exploring variations on the theme:

The beads are vintage, no idea of the era. Found them at this funky antique store many years ago. The bead in the center was on a necklace, the yellow beads at the bottom are a vintage strand that was strung on rawhide. I love how rough and organic they look, even the tiny bubbles in the glass. Named it "Bohemian 'Wrap'sody" as a tribute to the Bohemian movement, and that wonderful song by Queen.

More in progress, one in sterling, another in copper with carnelian. Stay tuned!

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