Thursday, January 31, 2008

A bit of recent Stripeage...

I have some fresh paint that is yet to be photographed, but these are recent:

First is a panel for the GNRS charity auction that was held the weekend of January 25-27. Wish I could have been there, but circumstances didn't allow. Hope it at least made a few bucks for the auction. Herb (Herbie Herbie?) helped with the lettering since mine is abysmal. Hopefully the only time I will ever have to resort to vinyl lettering because I WILL improve my hand lettering this year! I used to to Calligraphy all the time, had to hand render type in art school when I was going through the graphic design department... I SHOULD be able to do this.

All colors in the central part are custom mixed. Some times I just can't leave well enough alone! Of course the wings on the borders ('cause I have to have my WINGS) are straight Reflex Blue. Quite possibly my favorite color of 1-Shot.

Next up is a Fish I painted for my favorite tattoo artist, Natasha of Final Sin. A while back she asked me to paint up a fish for her like the ones I've done in the past, make the base color periwinkle or light purple and take it from there. This damn fish fought me every step of the way! I've never gotten in to so many arguments with a piece of art before.

Yes, I argue with my art some times. Only time that gets touchy is if I'm at the forge. (Oh, how I miss the forge!)

Anyway, here's some shots of Fishie:

More to come soon including shots from the San Francisco panel jam a few weeks ago, and a project I started 2 years ago and finished this week!

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