Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bringing Kulture to a Technical School

I recently accepted a teaching job that will start in September. I will be teaching Intro to Visual Communications at a technical college here in town, Its only one day a week, but its a start. I’m still searching for another job or jobs for the rest of the week.

Last Tuesday, while I was at the school filling out the hiring paperwork, the Dean asked me if I could give a non-computer demonstration of something artistic for the VC students at some Open House thing they were having on Saturday. I think she had something like sketching in mind, but I suggested pinstriping. Didn’t think they’d go for it since I explained the paints were kinda smelly, but they went for it! The only “stipulation” being I had to explain how it tied in to graphic design, or visual communications.

Saturday morning, I hauled in my paint kit, sample panels painted by a few different artists as well as a couple of my own, a few blanks, and some of my books on pinstriping, truck lettering, Kustom Kulture and hot rod history. Gave a talk on a brief history of line art from the art paintings in the caves of Lascaux, to the roman chariots, to what eventually evolved in to modern day pinstriping. Explained how it ties in with graphic design, how spatial awareness, layout and knowledge of color theory is helpful, etc. Brought out the paints and did a little striping. Managed to get a few of them to pick up a brush and give it a try.

Oh yeah, I was able to give a couple examples of “brand identity” too. Almost everybody recognized Rat Fink and Von Dutch’s “flying eye” graphics, even if they didn’t know what the significance was.

Overall it was a fun experience. Met a few of my future students, a few of the school’s “reps” and a couple other teachers. Hopefully the exposure to some Kulture will do them some good.

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Pop Art Diva said...

What a cool demonstration that must have been - I'll bet they loved it!

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