Monday, January 24, 2011

A Few More "Dual Purpose" Pendants

Around the time I completed my Week 3 “Year of Jewelry Challenge” submission, I had also completed these pieces.

First up is a twisted and swirled piece with garnet accents.
 This piece was a lot of fun to twist together, because it challenged me to manipulate thicker wire into looking sinuous. Some hammering on the bail and the bottom of the loop give it a little bit of a textured accent.
There is enough room to hang thicker sunglasses frames from these as well as the more delicate wire framed reading glasses.

No added gemstones on this dual spiral, it is all copper wire.
 This piece was constructed very similarly to my Hammered Hearts pieces. Thick wire, twisted & hammered, then woven together for support and embellisment.
Again, ample size on the bottom loop for various sizes of glasses & sunglasses.

Last but not least we have a smaller piece which is accented with some lovely peridot chips:
The gemstones and smaller wire add extra texture to this swirled & hammered design.

Smaller, yes, but you can still have the versatility of different sized glasses frames.

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