Thursday, February 17, 2011

Year Of Jewelry Challenge: Week 6

The theme for the Year of Jewelry Challenge, Week 6 was “Amoré”.

This piece was commissioned by a fellow pinstriper/artist from Ireland. He really like the Tree of Life pendants I had been posting, and wanted one for his wife. And he said his wife really liked jade. Since the only jade I had on hand & in order to get this done in time, I chose to go with a frame style to an older tree of life:
Like this, but I changed it to where the bail was a part of the frame, rather than a loose ring.

This is the result:
I also went with the tree style I had learned from my working with Ellen Thurmond of Ethora last year. I really love her style of tree. Changed it up a little, but I still give her credit for the tree design itself.

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