Friday, December 30, 2011

Pig Update: Shades of (Benicia) Blue

I was pretty disappointed with the way my glaze turned out. I only blame the one holding the brush on that (aka "me"). Ah well, lesson learned.

Pig is no longer so innocent and unassuming. He's developed an interesting personality lately. I finished the sculpt this morning, then tonight did a little sanding and applied the paint. I used Magic Sculp for the addition of the eyebrows, lips, tongue, and to hold the wing wires in place. Awesome product!

For those of you that wonder what paint will stick to glazed ceramics, I highly recommend you give Krylon Fusion for Plastics a try. That stuff is AMAZING! You still have to be careful before it cures, and I wouldn't go knocking it about if it can be avoided, but it's held up well on the test skulls I sprayed a couple months ago.

So the pig has his base coat of paint, and he is a lovely shade of Benicia Blue, or at least a reasonably close version. Ever since I did the concept sketch for the pig, I wanted to paint him Benicia Blue.

 Eyebrows added to disguise the little eyes close together. I'm painting new eyes in. I was messing around with the magic sculp the other night and decided I wanted to give him a tongue, so the lips had to go with it. A tribute to Mick Jagger and Gene Simmons! Gave him cloven hooves too.
 Wing armature. The wings will be constructed out of copper wire.
 The other side.
Top/back. You can kind of see the outline from the glaze. To disguise that will either involve clever pinstriping, or some leafing AND clever pinstriping. May go with copper leafing just to tie in with the copper wings.

My deadline? I have to have this back to Artcentric by January 3! Eep!! Ah well, I do most of my projects like this under pressure, so cue the Mission Impossible music!!

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