Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun Times at the Sacramento Autorama

Ok, it happened a month ago, but the Sacramento Autorama was a lot of fun! Many pinstripers from all over joined in on an effort to raise money for the Children's Hospital UC Davis in an art auction.
These were the pieces I painted up for it:

 Can't tell I have an obsession with skulls?
Skullflowers I've been playing with. This is the 2nd time this design has made an appearance, with some different modifications.

Some of the pinstripers in attendance were:

L to R:  Mike Clines, Moon, Jim Moser.
The amazingly talented Dane Brown (who am I kidding, there was so much talent in this panel jam it is amazing the floor didn't collapse from the weight of it!)
 Eggie! I shared a table with him, Which was great. The only drawback was people kept asking me if his work was mine. I aspire to be that good!
 Hot Dog! He came up to visit from SoCal. Fun to have him here when we can
 Serious painting going on here.
Taylor Schultz, left, and Adam Smith, right. Such concentration!

Didn't catch all the people that attended this fantastic event on camera. But I had a lot of fun slinging paint with them all.

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